“I have a dream!”

I have a dream


“I have a dream!”

The famous declaration by Martin Luther King has been used many times to inspire movements of people across the world. Martin Luther King had a dream, a dream that transformed his whole life, a dream that impacted a nation and eventually the world.

We have a dream for the young people across Europe, we dream they will be transformed by the power of God and become disciple makers.

This was the last command Christ gave to his followers in Matthew 28:18-20; To go, teach and make disciples. Our Christian lives personally and in ministry need to be evaluated through the lens of this command.

We don´t want to just produce converts, we want to produce mature disciples.

In our youth ministries across we have identified 4 stages in the journey of the life of a disciple. We believe these are a helpful focus for our youth ministry and can be applied across various cultures.

  • Win (Ex-plore)
  • Build (Ex-change)
  • Equip (Ex-press)
  • Multiply (Ex-tend)

Together with you, we would love to explore how these stages can be played out in our various ministries. Together we want to learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and help others to become growing disciples. Come and join our journey as we together in Europe explore how this can be developed and expressed in our churches and youth ministries.

Youth organisations across Europe have come together and agreed, that to see change means to invest together into the youth of Europe and call them to be radical followers of Jesus.

According to projections, by 2050 the population aged under 15 will account for a quarter of all persons of working age (15–64) and for half of the population aged over 64. Overall, young people represented just under a fifth of the EU population. At national level, the most ‘youthful’ nations in the EU included Ireland, Cyprus, Slovakia and Poland, which counted the highest proportion of young people in the total population (more than 24 %). By contrast, in Denmark, Germany and Italy young people accounted for less than 18 % of the population. (Source: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/euroscola/resource/static/files/youth-in-europe.pdf)

The youth of Europe is at stake;

“The ultimate test of any expression of church, whether a fresh expression or a more traditional one – what is the quality of disciples being made?

Are you willing to explore this dream with us, so that Europe´s young people will become a generation of disciples who make disciples? Are you willing to be part of the movement Christ has called us into?

Christ died for this dream!

What is your dream?

A Call to discipleship (Video Link)


Evi Rodemann, CEO